10 Wines for Fall Foods

Fantastic wine pairings just in time for autumn


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Roasted Pork and Autumn Vegetables

Continuing on the autumnal vegetable theme, this recipe gets even better with the addition of succulent roasted pork! The fennel in this dish is sure to add an earthy sweetness as well as a distinctly herbal note, accentuated by the addition of sage leaves.

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The slightly French take on this recipe brought me straight to France. For the red, this meant the Loire Valley in particular, where Cabernet Franc finds its grandest expression. Lighter and less tannic than Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc sports juicy acidity and an enchanting blend of red berry fruit and lightly vegetal notes, most often recalling tomato leaves for me. It would be a lovely partner for this fennel-rich dish. Cabernet Franc from the Loire also happens to be one of the great values left in the wine world, so do yourself a favor and try a few this autumn.
Try the 2010 Bernard Baudry Chinon les Granges from France
Another option is to use the white wine called for in the recipe, which is always a reliable pairing option. Still, you have to decide which wine to use. Alsace Pinot Gris is rich and has a nice spice note that should play off the flavors of this dish very well.
Try the 2005 Trimbach Pinot Gris Reserve Personelle from France

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    Dear Gregory, just one correction: Gruyere cheese comes from Switzerland (french speaking part), and not from France! More precisely from the Swiss region of Gruyere. It's an "AOC" product (appellation d'origine controlée), Gruyere cheese underlies very strict production rules and only comes from small, defined areas in the alps and Jura mountains (still Switzerland). The name is also protected. And: If you find, try out "Etivaz" cheese, from the same geographical region but only made from milk of cows spending their summer in the high meadows located in the alps. Besides I enjoy your blog and share your preferences for wine from Piemonte and Pinot Noir from Burgundy, areas I'm lucky to have nearby,living in Geneva, Switzerland. CinCin! Christoph Gisler

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