10 Wines for Fall Foods

Fantastic wine pairings just in time for autumn


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Autumn Squash Ravioli with Sage Brown Butter Sauce

Back to Italy we go with what might be one of the most quintessential autumnal dishes of the country. Squash ravioli with sage brown butter sauce has become a staple of Italian restaurants everywhere, primarily because it’s inexpensive to make and people love it. With this recipe, which uses wonton wrappers instead of fresh pasta, it’s also fast and easy to make at home!

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With the dish’s interplay of sweet and salty flavors, you might want to opt for a little hint of sweetness in your wine. In Emilia-Romagna, the home of this dish, that’s just what people do. A just off dry sparkling Lambrusco would be right at home sharing a table with this recipe. It’s a surprising choice perhaps, but it works! Give it a try.
Try Cleto Chiarlo Lambrusco Enrico Cialdini from Italy
The vanilla accent in this recipe is not particularly Italian. In fact, if left to my druthers, I just might leave it out, but keeping the vanilla does open the door to pairing this recipe with many oak aged wines. Consider something like an earthy, fruity, vanilla- and coconut-scented, barrel-aged white Rioja here. The tropical note will play beautifully off the sweetness of the squash and chestnuts and the vanilla will act as a thread tying everything together.
Try the 2011 Muga Rioja Blanco from Spain

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    Dear Gregory, just one correction: Gruyere cheese comes from Switzerland (french speaking part), and not from France! More precisely from the Swiss region of Gruyere. It's an "AOC" product (appellation d'origine controlée), Gruyere cheese underlies very strict production rules and only comes from small, defined areas in the alps and Jura mountains (still Switzerland). The name is also protected. And: If you find, try out "Etivaz" cheese, from the same geographical region but only made from milk of cows spending their summer in the high meadows located in the alps. Besides I enjoy your blog and share your preferences for wine from Piemonte and Pinot Noir from Burgundy, areas I'm lucky to have nearby,living in Geneva, Switzerland. CinCin! Christoph Gisler

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