"Chip, eat your vegetables.” “No Mom, I don't like them."

That was me, circa 1960. Then in 1969, at the age of 16, I got caught up in the whole "live off the land" thing. I bought the Foxfire books (the younger readers will have to Google that), I studied survival techniques, and more surprisingly, I grew my own vegetables. My parents always credited that for my sudden interest in vegetables. Now, I am the farthest thing from a vegetarian. I crave meat. I could never give it up. But every now and then, I like vegetables. Not just to complement a meal, but AS a meal. The late fall is a good time to make your veggie recipes because most varieties are still available and you will have your soup in time for the winter. I make enough to last me the whole winter season. Those who know me know that I can't do anything halfway, so here's how it started about 10 years ago.

One cool fall evening, I decided I wanted vegetables, lots of vegetables; so I went out to the local market just before it closed and grabbed some of just about every variety of vegetable I could get my hands on.