5 Course Chicken Dinner


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5 Course Chicken Dinner I have my reasons, which are few but important, but at home I rarely cook chicken. I sit in Italy eating chicken as I formulate these ideas in my head, and it's precisely because of this chicken that I am eating that I rarely eat chicken while at home. What I am eating is a bit tough, though not dry, stringy is the best way to describe the meat, and fairly blue when raw. It's also perfumed and rich with a deep flavor that one simply cannot find in American super market birds. So you know already that that is not where I find mine.

While what I am eating today is simply breaded and fried in olive oil chicken breast, the rest of the bird was stewed with great success. Just a simple recipe that relied on leeks, potatoes, and herbs, but one that was brilliantly successful, due in no small part to the careful selection of potatoes from those on offer locally, including Kennebec, Cicero, Desiree, and Marfona, which is another indictment of industrial farming and a completely different story. 

The simple story here is that good chicken can be great, even fabulous. Special enough to serve to guests as part of a significant and fancy feast! Imagine a five course meal based only on chicken. My mouth is watering at the mere suggestions of such, and while I would only embark on such an endeavor with my locally sourced, happy life chickens, I will admit that with recipes as good as these, you'll probably be thrilled with the results even if your chickens are of the supermarket variety!

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