There are very few kitchen tools that are truly a necessity. Our kitchens get filled with gizmos and gadgets, but the truth of the matter is that we end up using very few. Garlic press? Got it, and yes, it works well but it takes longer to clean than it does to press the garlic. I can use a chef’s knife for that. Pineapple slicer, mango splitter, strawberry slicer? Really? One wonders how we managed before the advent of the infomercial age and the persuasive ability of pitchmen came on the scene!

Yes, we managed very well indeed, and we did it with a couple of knives and a good cutting board (which is a topic for another conversation). OK, so now that we might be convinced it’s time to buy a knife or three, how do we decide what’s important and what’s not? Well, the first step requires visiting a store. Yes, you can order your knives online, and perhaps save some money, but in order to buy the right knives for you, you absolutely have to hold the knives in your hands to make sure they’re comfortable and that they work!