The Best wine list in Napa Valley for fun Italian wines.

Address: 1425 1st St, Napa, CA 94559
Phone:(707) 252-1022
This is an amazing list packed with wines that any wine drinker would want to drink. After a hard day out tasting Napa Valley’s finest an evening with truly delicious Italian food paired with some of the greatest values of Italy is not only in order, it is a requirement. This is the sort of restaurant I would like to visit with a fairly large group, 8 or 10 people so that we could order up a dozen bottles and each have a nice pour!
First let’s check out the menu, which is casual Italian but very good, fresh and authentic casual Italian. I’m all for sharing, a little bit, so let’s go ahead and order a Pizza for the table, then some salumi, and I’ll indulge myself with a pasta course.
Chef’s Selection of six salumi $18
Pizza for the table $17
Cresta di Gallo with Watson Farm lamb heart ragu and Pecorino Romano $17
OK, I don’t know what to do here. I’ve gone through the list and here are the wines I want to order.
2010 Manincor, Pinot Bianco, Eichhorn, Alto Adige $50
2011 Erste + Neue, Weissburgunder, Alto Adige $40
2011 Foradori, Nosiola, Fontanasanta, Vigneti Delle Dolomiti $70
2010 Pieropan, Garganega, Calvarino, Soave Classico $50
2012 Occhipinti, Albanello/Zibibo/Grillo, SP68, Terre Siciliane $45
2011 Burlotto, Pelaverga, Verduno $35
2006 Heinrich Mayr-Nusser, Lagrein Riserva $50
2011 Laura Aschero, Rossese, Riviera Ligure di Ponente $65
2010 Mastrojanni, Rosso di Montalcino $50
2011 Montevertine, Sangiovese/Canaiolo/Colorino, Pian del Ciampolo $50
I know that that is seven bottles each of red and white, a bit more than the case I suggested but look at these values! Look at these wines. Oh what fun we’d have! So, to make things a bit simpler I’ve highlighted two standouts in each group and we won’t discuss how long that took! Though in all honesty the 2001 Gini Salvarenza and 2007 Santadi were both automatic no brainers.