The Best wine list in the Willamette Valley for variety and value.

Address: 2525 Allison Lane, Newberg, OR 97132
Phone:(503) 554-2526
The Jory is a relatively new restaurant attached to a relatively new hotel that is a harbinger of things to come for the Willamette Valley, long a vinous destination of underserved enotourists. there will be many arguments about how this changes the complexion of the region but the bottom line is that you can get some great wines and fine food at the Jory and that is very rarely a bad thing. 
The food is sort of fancy fresh, certainly a bit fancy for the Willamette Valley but fresh and absolutely ingredient driven. Dishes feature the local bounty with complex layers of flavors. Everything looks delicious and I could be very happy ordering the following menu, though it might call for an unusual ordering of wines! With this menu I would want a light fresh red to start, then a rich white for my middle course, and wrap things up with a powerful red wine. Not only does the wine list here at the Farmhouse make that easy, that make it difficult by offering so many excellent choices.
A selection of house cured charcuterie
pickles, mustards, fennel pollen lavosh, grilled crostini 18.
Oregon dungeness crab hass avocado, roasted red pepper,spring onion,
cilantro, espelette oil, brioche 22.
Wood-fired Wagyu strip loin fingerling potatoes, spring green garlic, goldbar squash, forest mushrooms 45.
So let’s kick things off after a day of tasting plenty of Pinot with something young and fresh and perfect for Charcuterie. Check out these offerings. It’s really a fantastic selection of wines and the Chevillon is a no brainer at that price!
2011 Brick House Gamy Ribbon Ridge Oregon $45
2009 Domaine Robert Chevillon Bourgogne Passetoutgrains $34
2006 Catherine et Claude Maréchal Chorey-les-Beaune $50
With the crab and the avocado I’d be looking for a softly sweet Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley but seeing as the wine will only be paired with a single dish I'd rather opt for just a half bottle, like the half bottle of Delille’s 2008 Chaleur Blanc for $32. I bet the wood has integrated perfectly right about now, still rich and fresh yet with the burgeoning complexity that comes with age. I think it would be an exciting match, but the most exciting wines are still to come.
With that steak you want a bigger wine, though being in Pinot country I would forgive you if you opted for a local Pinot. Before you commit to a Pinot though consider that you’ve been tasting Pinot all day and that’s a heck of a fire grilled steak you’re facing, and then there are these:
2006 Ravenswood Zinfandel Old Hill $70
I’ve highlighted the real gems on this list, great wines and great values but I also recognize that not everyone gets to spends days in wine country To maximize your exposure to Oregon Pinot lets take a look at the very extensive list of wines on offer. There are some really intriguing 2010s on the list, all a bit on the expensive side but well worth it and sometimes challenging to find outside of Oregon and a handful of major enological centers!
2010 Bergstrom Winery Pinot Noir Bergstrom Vineyard $108
2010 Evening Land La Source $110
2010 Tristaetum Estates Reserve $100