Pasta con le Sarde relies on a mix of flavors that you wouldn’t expect to work together, yet manage to balance each other out into a heart-warming, thoroughly enjoyable plate of pasta.  I’ve even witnessed admitted sardine haters reluctantly tasting this dish and finding themselves with their plates clean by the end of the meal.

The onions and fennel add a sweetness to counteract the slight saltiness of the fish, while still allowing the flavor of the sardines to remain center stage.  The currants reset the palate each time you happen upon one: A burst of briary, sweet fruit intermingles with the rich toasted pine nuts and almonds.

But for me, it’s the toasted breadcrumbs that really make this special, as each bite of breadcrumb-coated pasta is fortified with flavors of toasted, buttery goodness.

Meet Chef Eric Guido

After working in the New York City restaurant scene, Eric Guido branched out, organizing private dining and tasting events centered around Italian cuisine and wine. Here he began to incorporate food photography and recipe development.  His continuing work can be seen at Eric’s passion for food and wine is fueled by the togetherness and satisfaction found at the table.