Artichokes or not?

How to handle a difficult wine pairing.


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Fried Artichokes
Another option to help alleviate our cynarin problem is fairly simple, fry the artichokes until they are crispy and some of the cynarin is neutralized by the heat. These are a lot of fun to eat, and are delicious, but are also very addictive so be careful if you plan on sharing these. Not many will make it out of your grasp!
Look for a simple wine to pair here as the flavors of these fried artichokes are also on the subtle Something with lots of acid to help cleanse the palate of the oil used to fry these babies up, as well as the oil used in the mayonnaise based dip that you might pair these with is jut the ticket. Tarragon and lemon infused home-made mayo with some capers for garnish. Just sayin.  I'm looking at a dry Riesling, all lemony and mineral here, as the perfect foil for this dish.
Two to try:

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