Beach Appropriate Snacks

Throw some of these in the cooler and hit the road!


Ahhh, beach season. The warm summer breeze whips through your hair as you roll the windows down and hit the highway on an early weekend morning. The heat of the warm sand radiates beneath you as you tuck in with a good book under those bright summer rays. It just doesn't get much better.

A long day under the sun spent building castles, burying friends and wading  in the blue water is one of the many pleasures of summer season. But all that time in the hot sun can cause any beach-goer to work up quite an appetite.

While fried chicken on the beach is one of my all time favorite meals, that extra grease just doesn't sit well when you're planning on prancing around in your bathing suit. These beach-side snacks are tempting, and worth it once a summer for the pure sake of nostalgia, but there are plenty of healthy, bloat-free snacks that are super easy to throw together and pack for yourself.

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Crisp celery gains some protein with a smear of peanut butter in the classic, transportable ants on a log recipe, and fresh fruit provides a perfectly refreshing bite for sweaty days. We love packing fresh watermelon or apple slices for long days in the sun.

Read on for the rest of our beach-time snack recommendations, and tell us you're favorite thing to pack for beach trips in the comments below!

Ants on a Log - This classic childhood treat is not only incredible tasty, but it's easy to carry and heat-proof, too! Simply pack you celery sticks for the beach and smear with peanut butter and a sprinkle of raisins when you're feeling hungry.

Popcorn  - Pop some popcorn in advance and toss it with any of your favorite spices. Throw it in a ziplock bag for some easy snacking eats that don't even need a cooler.

Carrots - Carrot sticks and other raw vegetables are perfect for small hands that are otherwise busy playing in the sand. For picky eaters, pack a small container of salad dressing or hummus for dipping.

Sandwiches - No fuss sandwiches like peanut butter and jelly or turkey and cheese are great for munching at the beach because they don't contain ingredients which will easily get soggy. Of course, these choices will need a cooler to avoid a lukewarm sandwich come lunchtime.

Grapes - I love cold, crisp grapes on the beach, but most fresh fruit is great as well. Slice up watermelon or a few apples for bite-sized treats that will keep you going all afternoon.  

String Cheese - These clearly need to be thrown in a cooler, but their high protein levels and individual snack size make them perfect for a long day.

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