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New Orleans Flavors to Get You Close(r) to the Super Bowl


It’s a weekend of hopes, dreams, and freaky football rituals. But while Ravens and Niners fans ready their superstition mis en places, turning beer bottles in the right direction and assigning seating based on yardage gains (my roommate's favorite), let’s not forget the third regional star of this Super Bowl Sunday: New Orleans.
Game Day aside, there are plenty of reasons to cook Cajun: the guts and vitality of the Cajun pantry; the chance to hone your Cajun drawl as you cook (X Men’s Gambit is a good starting point); and, most importantly, the chance to support local New Orleans businesses from the comforts of your desktop. Lucky for you, we found an online shopping center of sorts that gathers the Cajun fixtures of NOLA and makes them digitally, and then actually, yours.
The site: Cajun-Shop.com, a.k.a. “Shop New Orleans.” Take a few minutes to scroll around and you’ll find your way to local treasures like French Market Boudins & Sausages, hocking everything from hot and mild Pork Boudin to Crawfish Boudin and Smoked Jalapeno Sausage (yes please). Then there’s the requisite and never disappointing Café du Monde Beignet Mix (add Chicory Coffee for just $6.99 more).  If you prefer to dress up your Game Day (or any day) spread, virtually Second Line march your way over to “Spicy Pickles & Peppers,” where you’ll find the “Best of the Best” Cajun Condiments (anything that includes a Creole Butter Marinade "with injector" belongs on this, and every, “best” list). And it’s not too late to swap in the “Wildly Wicked Wing Kit Combo” sauce in one of the Top 5 Wings recipes. 
For those looking to stock up for Mardi Gras, there's Hurricane Mix and even Mardi Gras beads by the gross, no Girls Gone Wild-ing required. And there's no minimum order, so get one ingredient, or load up your virtual cart. Whatever you buy, the point isn’t to totally revamp your kitchen—it’s about injecting (sometimes literally) New Orleans flavor into your world.  So crank up the Treme intro, get to clickin' and let us know what you're cooking with your favorite Cajun ingredients.

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