Sicilians are very proud of caponata because it is made with produce that grows perfectly on their island: Eggplants, tomatoes, capers, and olives. I love it because it plays on the sweet and sour flavors that are often found in Sicilian cuisine. Caponata is like tomato sauce, in that no two versions are alike. Each province, town, generation and family has its own recipe and this is my interpretation.

You might be surprised by the addition of wine, but as one Sicilian home cook told me “it adds a certain richness” and I happen to agree. I like to serve caponata as an antipasto (on its own or on crostini), as a primo (warm) or as a contorno. I also like to spoon it over grilled fish as a sauce. I hope you enjoy this recipe and come to love this dish as much as I do.