Waitangi Day is barreling down the pike -- well, as much as any New Zealand holiday can be gaining momentum here in the U.S., that is. So, what is Waitangi Day anyway? Celebrated on February 6, it’s a holiday that commemorates the signing of the Waitangi Treaty, New Zealand’s founding document, in 1840.

In addition to being an important celebration in New Zealand, it’s also a great reason to take a look at Kiwi food, and not just the ubiquitous lamb. Yes, we all know there are more sheep in New Zealand than humans, and with a ratio of almost 13 sheep per human, it’s no surprise that lamb is a dining table staple, as well as a valuable export. But there is more to the New Zealand table than transplanted sheep, so let’s take a look at what a Waitangi Day celebration might include.