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It may not be so obvious, but there are actually many different types of salmon available in North America: Atlantic, Chinook, Sockeye, Pink and Chum are all species that one might come across while shopping the seafood department at a local grocery store. Farm-raised or wild, these beautiful fatty fish are great tasting and great for you.

Coho, or silver salmon, is found throughout the coastal waters of the North Pacific Ocean, spanning from Japan's northernmost Hokkaido prefecture, to mainland Alaska and south to parts of California. Often considered to be one of the best for cooking because of its high fat content, it seems Coho salmon was also thought to have been a staple in the diet of several indigenous American groups.

High in Omega-3s and protein, Coho salmon is a great, versatile choice for a healthy and hearty dinner. Try out some of these recipes for a delicious summer meal, and be sure to let us know how they turn out.

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Tomato and Fennel Stuffed Salmon with Basil Sauce

A whole salmon is a dramatic jaw-dropper on any table. This baked salmon stuffed with savory fennel and plum tomato is sure to please both eyes and taste buds alike.

Coho Salmon Pasta Salad

What summer barbecue is complete without a pasta salad? Switch things up a bit by substituting your traditional recipe with this version using Coho salmon. The sauce is similar to Greek tzatziki, but with the added flavor of tamarind paste and mango chutney. That barbecue is sounding more interesting already!

Cider-Brined Coho Salmon with Dijon Cream

Change up your usual oven-baked salmon by brining it in some apple cider first. Brined in cider and broiled in foil, this salmon is sure to be both deliciously flavored and flakey enough to fall apart in your mouth. The Dijon mustard and white wine in the cream sauce add a nice acid component to balance out the fatty fish.

Garlic Ginger Basil Salmon

Garlic, ginger and salmon are three ingredients that go together perfectly. Add in some basil and you have the makings for this simple and delicious garlic ginger basil salmon dish. Throw it over some rice and you have a tasty meal worth repeating.

Hot Smoked and Grilled Salmon

Love gravlax and looking for a heartier make-at-home version? Try this recipe for Hot Smoked and Grilled Salmon. Brined in salt and sugar water and grilled over woodchips for a smokey flavor, these salmon filets are great on their own or glazed with maple syrup.

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