I had to miss last week’s class because of a keynote speech I was hired to give. The class was all about buying and cooking fresh, local foods. My friend, Cathy, told me all about it. You can read her version of the class here.

Chef Carol had everyone meet at the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmer’s Market, where they got a tour of the local farmer stalls and learned about the local produce. Meanwhile, Chef Carol and her assistant, Beth, bought a ton of goodies that they cooked after going back to the classroom.  

This week is an extension of that lesson. Carol is all about expanding our creativity. As we get to be a better, more confident cooks, we will need fewer “recipes.” When one has a good foundation of cooking techniques (knowledge about spices, cuisines, etc.) and a true point of view, the world of imaginative cookery is his or her oyster. This class was about putting it all together.