Delicate and Delicious!

Exploring the possibilities that fish bring to the grill!


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Delicate and Delicious! While much of summer’s oohing and awing seems reserved for dry aged, grass fed and locally grown beef these days, not that I am complaining, eating beef on a daily basis can grow tiresome. We need variety in our lives, and while there are many options like the other white meats, a veritable world of choice awaits us, under the sea.

I have gone on record before decrying the depletion of our once vast resource of fresh fish. I can remember breaking down tuna and swordfish in the 1980s that were huge. Fish we just don’t see these days with any regularity, but that does not mean I am against the responsible management of our fish stocks, fortunately for me. You see I love fish. I eat from the wide variety of fresh fish available to me with some regularity, and in the summer, with the grill going, the light, delicate flavors of fish enhanced with a bit of char and some smoky goodness become a regular treat at my dinner table. Delicious, nutritious, increasing expensive, and rightly so. I can’t resist a good fish dinner and with recipes like these it’s easy to see why. Just please eat fish responsibly. You can find a wide selection of lists for Sustainable Seafood here. Please have a look and help preserve our seafood stocks for future generations!

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