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Best Grilled Veggies and At Home Fried Food


After a long summer week and a lot of rain, the weather has cooled and we here are What's Cookin' are ready for the weekend. What better a time to catch up on our missed food reading from the week. We'll be laying out and enjoying the more comfortable temperatures while reading up on all of the culinary articles which we've missed over the past few days. To help you in doing the same, we're bringing a digest of the best What's Cookin' articles of the week!

From tips for deep frying at home to great grilled vegetable recipes, the articles have really spanned the spectrum this week. Check them out and see what you missed this week on What's Cookin'! Then be sure to come back and tell us how you'll be enjoying your weekend in the comments below.

At Home Fried Food

Deep frying at home is a commitment. There are certain things required to get started: oil, a deep pot (or deep fryer), a cooking thermometer, the acknowledgement that your entire house will smell like grease for at least the next two days.

Grease smells aside, it's all worth it. Fluffy, breaded batter gives way to whatever crispy/gooey/crunchy thing you've cooked so deliciously inside.

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Best Grilled Veggies

Grilling vegetables brings out a smoky depth and tender chew that other forms of cooking can't always provide. Often turning them almost meaty, the grill gives an alternative to regular baked or sauteed vegetable dishes. This healthier use of the grill is a great vegetable option, especially after a few days of eating the deep-friend recipes of Monday's frying at home article!

Grilled vegetable medleys are classic, as are veggie kabobs, but individual grilled dishes are another delicious option for creating healthy side dishes this grilling season. As the season begins to wine down, it is a great time to start experimenting with these different summer dishes.

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