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101 Best Restaurants in America and The Bevebilita Score?


Being the food and wine lovers you are, no doubt you get asked for restaurant or wine recommendations all the time. But what do you base your opinion upon? That's something we've been talking about recently in our article on the 101 Best Restaurants in America and over at our sister site Snooth.

The restaurant list has been put together by The Daily Meal editors, based on where they like to eat and where they would send friends. Check it out to see if your favorite made the cut!

This week, editor-in-chief Greg came up with a revolutionary way to review a wine: based on its drinkability. Join in the fascinating discussion on how this system could work at The Bevebilita Score.

101 Best Restaurants in America

“Best restaurant” lists are tricky. How can any sensible eater compare an iconic pizza parlor or the joint that serves that simply transcendent cheeseburger with the lapidary perfection of a French Laundry or the genre-bending inventiveness of a WD-50? On what terms is it possible to stack the culinary monuments of Manhattan, Chicago, or Los Angeles up against the really-very-good but necessarily more modest establishments of, say, Buellton or Murphysboro?
Read more at 101 Best Restaurants in America

The Bevebilita Score

Almost all wine scoring systems purport to reflect the quality of a particular bottle of wine. Wine reviewers like to fool themselves, some very effectively, that what we do is somehow objective.

It’s true that there are objective observations that can be made, using scientific analysis, regarding a wine’s alcohol, sugar, tannin, acid, and dry extract levels, but this is not what gets written about.

Don’t let the fact that these are objectively measurable fool you into thinking that a reviewer’s words are anything more than their subjective perception of these elements of a wine.
Read more at Snooth: The Bevebilita Score

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