Dining with Cabernet

Designing the perfect menu to pair with your favorite Cabernets


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Dining with Cabernet Last week I reviewed many a great Cabernet Sauvignon priced between $16 and $75 a bottle. Revisiting several of the wines over the weekend got me to thinking. Thinking about the role these wines play, and in particular the role those $20 13.9% alcohol wines play. Wine today can be roughly broken down into two categories: cocktail wines and food wines. They can be placed in these categories either by use, or intent. Of course any wine can be used for either purpose, though their are some wines that just will show better with food, and others that will be difficult to pair well with food.

Those 13.9% alcohol wines, for the most part, will show better with food. Why? Simply because they were fairly well structured with the tannins and acids that come into balance when served as a foil for the fat in food. They also had great savory elements to them, which are one of the keys to pairing food and wine. Building flavor bridges where both the food and the wine share something in common. With this in mind I've set out to build a menu designed to pair well with a great $20 Cabernet. As such it's built on recipes that one might very well prepare for a Wednesday night dinner as readily as for a great party on Saturday. OK, so it's better suited to Saturday, that doesn't mean I can't dream that someone might cook this for me on Wednesday!

It's a menu that will pair well with Cabernet, not a specific example,, as well as a catalyst for further discussion on the matter. So, what do you think about this menu? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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    Cheese plate? A Steve Raichlen beef recipe? Hmmm. Sounds like the next Snooth Throwdown dinner. I'm definitely going to make those anticuchos as soon as it's legal to grill outside again.

    Jan 27, 2014 at 4:45 PM

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