While visiting Castello di Volpaia last fall, I couldn’t help but notice that Giovanna Stianti, the proprietor of Volpaia, also ran a cooking school on the premises. Now, I couldn’t help but notice it because November, not exactly known as prime time for tourism, sees very few visitors to the Volpaia compound. In fact, I had to wander around the grounds for a good half hour before finally finding the office.

During my wanderings I happened upon Volpaia's gleaming kitchen classroom, among other facilities, as it seems that I really have a nose for stainless steel appliances.  After my tour of the winemaking facilities (really, the entire village which is worth a look, as I reported in  "Tasting Wines in Chianti Classico"), Giovanna and I spoke about all that is Volpaia. I inquired about the kitchen and we discussed the cooking classes while enjoying the wine, and olive oil of Volpaia.

Cooking at Volpaia

Giovanna looks forward to teaching the cooking classes whenever she can, not surprisingly focusing on the cuisine of Tuscany, wine, food pairings, and having fun in the kitchen! These cooking lessons generally last about 3 hours, and always finish with a leisurely meal under the Tuscan pergola attached to Volpaia’s Kitchen. For more information please visit Volpaia’s website.