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The food truck craze is only growing in size and popularity across the country, so how to differentiate yourself among the mobile pack? Well, introducing booze into the mix is always one easy way.

We recently found out the the New York-based Pera Turkish Taco Truck will be permitted to sell beer, wine and cocktails to its customers. Under the year-long liquor license (the first of its kind), all alcoholic beverages will have to be consumed within an enclosed seating area outside the space formerly occupied by the city's famed Tavern on the Green in Central Park, where the truck is parked.

While this certainly represents a coup for the Pera Turkish Taco Truck, not all food trucks in the Big Apple have been granted this luxury - yet. We've rounded up a few of our favorite mobile food peddlers and come up with a wish list of adult beverages to accompany their signature dishes, should they ever decide to apply for a liquor license of their own (hinthint, nudgenudge).

Do you have a favorite food truck in your town? Don't forget to tell us what you'd pair with your go-to order below!

Photo courtesy ricardodiaz11 via Flickr/Creative Commons

Schnitzel & Things

Schnitzels are as fun to eat as they are to pronounce! When done correctly, frying can be the best method of cooking to highlight a food's natural flavors and these schnitzels are the perfect example. Schnitzel & Things' traditional Austrian dish is offered up in pork, veal, chicken or cod form, each hand pounded and lightly breaded, accompanied by simple lemon wedges. A myriad of sides like potato, beet or cucumber salads, as well as sauerkraut or french fries, make delicious accompaniments.

Oh I wish they had a wine list so I could order some great Gruner Veltliner with my pork Schnitzel.

Photo courtesy Laughing Squid via Flickr/Creative Commons


Korilla BBQ

Kogi BBQ in California is the first of a storm of popular Korean-Mexican taco trucks dominating the American food truck landscape. Korilla BBQ is a great truck here in New York and the Ribeye of the Tiger highlights the best of a classic Korean barbecue dish, with Mexican-inspired fixins like shredded jack cheese and tomato salsa to give it some flair. Lots of forward spices to give your taste buds a kick, but not enough to numb the palate entirely.

Oh I wish they had a wine list so I could order some great Amador Zinfandel with my Bulgogi Burrito.

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Calexico Cart

The Calexico Cart is New York's original spin on Cal-Mex tacos and burritos. Their Chipotle Pork and Carne Asada burritos are personal favorites; the rich spices of chile and cumin are balanced nicely by the lively picked onions and creamy avocado salsa. Long lines are a guarantee at any of the truck stops or the two new Brooklyn shops, but you'll be handsomely rewarded for your patience!

Oh I wish they had a wine list so I could order some great New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc with my Pollo verde tacos.

Photo courtesy Calexico

Go Burger

With all these fancy food trucks, it's nice to come across one that manages to do burgers - and Go Burger is one that does them really well! The Go 2 Angus Burger and BLT satisfy any meat craving. A side of sweet potato fries and Vidalia onion rings round out the perfect American meal.

Oh I wish they had a wine list so I could order some great Argentine Malbec with my BLT Burger.

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Luke's Lobster Truck

If you have qualms ordering seafood out of a moving vehicle, you'll be smart to let Luke's allay your fears. Luke's Lobster, a popular joint with a handful of standalone shops in both New York and Washington, D.C., is run by a twentysomething Maine native who keeps his menu fresh and simple. Only the fattest knuckles and claws make it into his signature lobster roll, a mayo- and butter-dressed split-top bun piled high with chilled lobster meat. At $15 a pop, this roll may be somewhat of an indulgence; but after giving it a taste, you'll agree it's a worthwhile one.

Oh I wish they had a wine list so I could order some great Puligny Montrachet with my lobster roll. If you're gonna indulge, go for it!

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    I wish more food trucks served article

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    I love this article - what a great idea. Can't really call it 'on-premise' I guess?

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    I loved this. What possessed the site to write that article about MikeyD's and wine, though? Still a bit traumatized by it.
    This article rocked.

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  • Great story. Here's your article come to life at Rootstock: The Great Gastronomic Wine, Street Food & Music Festival on July 16 in Sonoma County! :-)

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  • How about a lead on a source for buying Gevertztraimner (Alcace)?

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