Spring is here, and with it I’m reminded that Geneviéve's annual chocolate party will soon be upon us. If your mind has suddenly taken you to thinking of simple samples of fine chocolate and sweet dishes gingerly laid out for the taster’s enjoyment, STOP. Instead, imagine a party centered on every manifestation of chocolate imaginable. Savory, salty and sweet, all prepared with skill by a hostess so passionate about chocolate, and delightful to know and speak to that you'd never want to leave. 

Geneviéve Leloup, amateur chef-turned-semi-professional chocolatier, is a lover of all things chocolate. And her lifetime of experience, travel and experimentation are brought together on this one night to create a menagerie of chocolate creations that is honestly more than the average person can imagine. Oh yes, did I mention that she's from Belgium? Who better to make these chocolate culinary creations come to life?

I’m very happy to share another one of her recipes with you, a recipe she deems as one of her favorites. It’s easy to make and perfect for your next party.