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Beer-Brined Butterflied Chicken

A brining agent, simply put is a salty solution, and it serves two purposes. First off it introduces liquid into the meat, which is done by created a difference in salinity between the meat and the brining solution. The meat tries to create a balance by sucking in some of the salt, and the solution it's dissolved in. The second purpose of course is to add flavor to the meat. Water soluble spices can also get sucked up by the chicken, yielding a moist, flavorful piece of chicken. In the case of this recipe beer is used as an ingredient for the brining solution, adding a bit of malty savoriness to the finished dish.

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Generally speaking brining does not introduce a lot of flavor into the meat it's used for, but rather reinforces the base of flavor on which to build. The next step used here to make for a particularly flavorful bird is the use of a dry rub, a classic BBQ master maneuver. In this case we find a slightly sweet and herbal rub being used to create a subtle, nuanced grilled chicken. With the beer used here it's certainly tempting to just drink more beer with your meal, but we're talking about wine here so let's find a suitable option. Subtle, slightly herbal, and with a nice hit of smoke. It takes me someplace a bit off the beaten path but Friulano from the Friuli region of Italy fits this bill perfectly!

Two to try:

Bastianich Friulano $17

Conti Formentini Friulano $17


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