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Under a Brick

And then there is this. Under a brick. It is a classic, and plenty of people even marvel at this preparation in a restaurant not knowing how simple it actually is. Another slightly spicy dish, I prefer to jack up the heat here a little bit. Add in more crushed pepper flakes or vigorously rub a sliced jalapeno all over your bird before grilling. But then again I love me some spicy chicken.

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The cooking time for this recipe is too long, 40 minutes in total, but otherwise I like what they're doing here, though i don't need the suggested chimichurri sauce to finish this dish. Just lots of fresh lemon juice squirted over the hot bird just as it's removed from the grill works perfectly for me. Spicy, tart, crisp and smoky, it's as near perfection as you can get with a grill and a chicken. What to pair it with? I'm just going to go with one of my favorite wines since this will pair well with so many wines, particularly whites and roses.  Pinot Blanc is a wine we don't reach for enough, but it's perfect for this preparation with a flavor profile that will complement the flavors of the dish and enough body to make for a perfectly balanced meal.

Two to try:

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