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More Pork, Please

And speaking of garlic and rosemary, pork not only is a great canvas for those simple, bright flavors, but it’s also a great rich barbecue centerpiece that adapts well to the changing seasons.

One trick of the trade that I’ve used to produce delicious, succulent grilled pork is to marinate the pork before cooking, then baste the meat liberally while it’s being grilled. The sweet fruit and bright acid of a fine wine - in this case, I’m thinking of a white wine - adds another dimension to the already complex notes of smoke, herb and garlic that can make grilled pork so delightful. This is the time to break out a nicely oaked white with flavors that will marry perfectly with everything the grilling adds to your food. A great Chardonnay is ideal here, though Chenin Blanc or even a fine Fume Blanc would be delicious.

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