It’s official. Summer is over and Football is here. As summer’s warmth gently fades away it’s replaced each Sunday with the collective glow from millions of tailgate and backyard grills. While once the exclusive domaine of burgers and Brats, and there is nothing wrong with a well-cooked burger or Brat might I add, today’s tailgaters are more adventuresome than ever.

It’s not uncommon to find an amazing array of food at many football games today: Jambalaya, Chili, Quesadillas and even deep fried Turkeys have made more than their share of appearances. I prefer to keep thing, well a bit handier. Working off the backyard grill cuts down my clean up duties as does making sure most of the snacks are finger foods.

Weaving all these elements together and trying to retain some credibility at a tailgate can be a challenge, but not when you’re making spicy grilled chicken drumsticks. I wouldn’t dare call these Buffalo style but they are a meaty take on those spicy standbys.

What to expect:

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