Grilling Guide: Pork

Grilled pork is the perfect canvas for these six delicious summer-friendly recipes


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Grilling Guide: Pork Pork is probably the second most commonly grilled meat, probably the most common if one were to mistakenly include barbecued meat here as well; fighting words in much of the country. Just to set the record straight, grilling is cooking meat on a grate over an open flame while barbecuing is using direct heat to slowly cook meat while imbuing it with the smoke of aromatic woods. It’s sort of like the distinction between roasting and braising, yes the techniques and equipment can look similar, but the finale results are worlds apart.

Pork is similar in some ways to chicken in that it has a somewhat neutral flavor, though it is more pronounced than that of chicken. It’s a meat that really rewards brining, since it has little intramuscular fat to keep things moist on its own, and takes on the flavors of rubs and marinades very well. The key to great grilled pork is to adapt your cooking to the cut at hand; ribs need to cook longer, so shoot for a lower temperature than a chop or tenderloin. Do yourself a favor and don’t over cook your pork. A little pink is fine, and perfectly normal at 140 degrees, which is a safe temperature to serve pork at, though this is the time to break out the old instant read since cooking by touch is not a reliable way to judge how well cooked your pork really is.

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