It’s not easy to make introductions online (some warmth gets lost in the coding, I think). So instead of introducing myself personally as new the Editor of Snooth Eats, I’m
introducing myself by sandwich-proxy, piggy-backing (maybe too ambitiously?) on the perfection of one of the world’s great triple-deckers: the turkey club.

Why a sandwich? Because the sandwich is the workhorse of the food world, a versatile character-actor in a cast of foie gras scene-stealers. Why the turkey club? Because for all its Brando-esque On the Water Front brawn, it aspires to be more than a sandwich, reaching skyward with an extra layer of bacon, turkey, and unapologetically rich mayo. It’s the sandwich that dares to dream.

To be honest, I was only introduced to my sandwich spirit guide a few years ago (ridiculously late for a responsible adult, I know). But it was a day I’ll never forget. And that owes in part to the setting: a railcar diner in upstate New York that felt like it was plucked out of a movie, complete with a waitress leaning dangerously far over the counter, sucking a lollipop and eyeing us with lazy suspicion.