For the next three weeks, I’ll be learning how to bake. It might seem easy to many of you, but I grew up in a household where breads and pastries were always bought at the local bakery. My mom knew the head baker by his first name and felt comfortable enough to saunter into the back for custom orders. I asked her once why she never tried to bake, as she was a terrific cook.

“Because if I bake it, I’ll EAT it,” she said. Like buying all those chocolate donuts and rugelach didn’t count because she didn’t baked them herself!

This week was all about dough with yeast in it. There are two categories of yeasted dough: Lean and Enriched. Lean dough is always flour, yeast, salt and water. Then you can add any extras. French baguettes are a good example. Enriched dough can have sugar, butter or oil, egg yolks and milk in it. When baking, lean dough needs a warmer oven, between 400-450 degrees. Baking enriched dough only needs a 375 degree oven.