Ask any person working in the culinary industry about what it’s like to be a chef and you will get some of the same points and then you will get completely different stories. There are articles about the "Top 5 reasons to become a chef," which talk about the glamorous life of a chef. Your ego is soothed and stroked when you are in culinary school and there is talk of grander horizons, traveling the world to see new and exciting cuisines, working under great chefs and tasting foods that only one could dream about.

But in the real world that is not always true. The truth is that the highest divorce rate of any profession in America is that of a chef. Restaurant hours are long and do not coincide with the hours of the jobs of your partner, family and friends. I have personally gone to the extent of having my spouse bring a friend and eat dinner in my restaurant while I was on duty, just so we could see each other. If you want a 9 to 5 job, you are most likely in the wrong industry. If you want a day job, or a life, expect to stay a cook and not move up in pay or position.