Week two of poultry was an interesting class.

The reason? BRAISING!! This week was all about the wet, slow cooking of poultry. Braising is a wet, low temperature cooking technique which tenderizes tough cuts of meat, just like stewing! Well, almost. With braising, the pieces of protein are bigger and have bones in them. stewing has more liquid. The gravy from braising has more richness and flavor because of the marrow and bones. 

The best parts of the bird to use for this kind of cooking are the legs and thighs. You can use breast meat, but it takes much less time to cook because of the leanness of the meat. If you choose to braise a whole bird, just take the breast meat out first. Personally, I take the skin off before braising. You’ll get a lot less fat in the dish….but you’ll also lose a little flavor too.