From fudgsicles and strawberry shortcake bars to paletas and granita, there are so many frozen snacks to munch on come hot summer days. While each is super satisfying in its own way, whether that be with rich chocolate or fruit flavors or a bit of tang from something more acidic like mango or lime, summer popsicles become even better after the purchase of a plastic popsicle tray and a few wooden sticks.

Making your own popsicles is as easy as picking your preferred flavor profile, playing chemist with ingredients and mixing bowl, and allowing the pops a few good hours in the freezer to harden up.

For great recommendations on popsicle brands around the country, check out our article on gourmet ice pops, “Summer’s Last Licks.

Read on for our simple guide to making pops and a trusted What’s Cookin’ recipe.

Photo courtesy of 3liz4 via Flickr/cc