Last Minute Wines for Thanksgiving

Procrastinators unite!


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Last Minute Wines for Thanksgiving So you haven’t thought much about Thanksgiving yet? Join the club. Think just because Mom is cooking or your going to a friend’s house that your only role next Thursday is to eat too much and make inappropriate comments about your friend’s hot mom?

Time to grow up college boy.

Thanksgiving is about celebrating another year’s harvest. It is about feeling secure about the coming year and about turning the seasonal corner as we head into winter.  Thanksgiving is also about sharing the bounty of the year, and if you’ve been invited to join friends or family (yes, we’re surprised you have been also), you better not show up empty handed.

I understand that you really don’t want to put too much effort into this whole wine shopping thing and that you don’t plan on going out of your way to pick up something special, so let’s take a look at what you’re likely to find at your neighborhood retailer and work with what they’ve got.

One last thing, pay with a twenty and don’t expect much change. Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo courtesy Adolf Boluda via Flickr/CC

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