Learning to Love Leeks

Confused about what to do with leeks? What are they anyway? They’re freaking delicious that what. Now start cooking with them!


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Learning to Love Leeks Can you think of a less appreciated vegetable than the lowly leek? OK, kohlrabi is right in there but leeks have so much more going for them. tender, with an aromatic and deep onion flavor, leeks are a wonderful ingredient in soups, adding a magically sweetness to my Pasta Fagioli, but are also terrific on their own; a rarity for an onion and something that can be used creatively to complete many autumnal menus.

Not the most economical vegetable, leeks require significant attention as they grow. they are routinely trenched, having soil pushed up against the growing stalk that forms the edible part of the vegetable. This serves two functions, adding support to and protecting the leek, thus keeping it tender and also keeping the growing stem in the dark, literally, and thus keeping the edible portion of the leek white and sweet. In truth while most recipes advice using just the white parts of the leek I have never had any issues cooking with the light green parts as well.

Tip: To maximize your yield from the leeks you buy don’t simply chop off the top. Sharpen it like a pencil, the tender white core is longer in the center of the leek. 

Tip 2: Search for leek recipes! There are so many of them and they include amazing creations that will inspire anyone to get cooking!

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