Lin-Mint vs Shamrock Shake

Two March shakes go head-to-head


With the surge in popularity of all things Lin, Shake Shack has introduced a new Jeremy Lin-Mint milkshake. Chocolatey with a hint of mint, the shake takes on another mint-flavored milkshake that is famously popular this time of year, McDonald's Shamrock Shake.

The Shamrock Shake, once a limited menu item from Mickey D's, has exploded in popularity thanks to nostalgic 20- to 30-year-olds and growing availability. Ironically, both mint shakes are both somewhat March-themed, available as we grow closer to both NCAA basketball championship games and St. Patrick's Day. While Lin is no NCAA player anymore, the month itself has in a way come to represent all of basketball season, largely due to March Madness.

With March just a short week away (and still no snow here on the east coast), it is time to pit these two treats up against each other and select which minty malt deserves the spotlight. Read on for the results!
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Shamrock Shake
With our team of taste-testers, we blindly sipped both shakes. While some results might seem obvious, the responses could surprise you. Both shakes were judged on appearance, taste, texture and overall reactions.

Jeremy Lin-Mint, Shake Shack

Primarily a chocolate shake with just a bit of added mint flavor, this shake is thick and creamy with a muted cocoa color. Tasters generally had positive reviews, saying that is was "rather light and refreshing" and "tasted like real chocolate." Despite these good reviews, a few were not as impressed, with one taster displeased by the "sour aftertaste" and "somewhat icy texture." Overall reviews gave this a B+.

Shamrock Shake, McDonald's

A bright, minty green shake topped with whipped cream and a cherry, this drink gets its general appeal from childhood nostalgia. Tasters had mixed reviews about this one, with reactions ranging so much as to include that it both "tastes like real dairy" and has a "processed flavor." While some liked the sweeter minty taste and bright green color, others thought it was just "too cartoony." Overall reviews gave this a B-.


Melting did play a part in the tasters' reviews: opinions swayed in favor of McDonald's as the shakes sat out to melt longer. McD's somehow kept a custard-like texture no matter how long it was exposed to office air. Taking this into consideration, our taste test turned out to be a tighter race than we originally expected.

Many tasters were torn between the more basic, traditional milkshake and the beloved, neon green shake of their youth. In the end, tasters sided with the Lin-Mint as the better of the two, giving it a B+ rating overall to just nudge out its competitor. 

The Jeremy Lin-Mint is available at six New York City Shake Shacks, according to NY Daily News. The Shamrock Shake is available at select McDonald's nationally, and sightings can be tracked Try them both and let us know your favorite!

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