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Restaurant review: Zum Stammtisch


German food is a cuisine that warms the soul. It reminds many of us of a time long gone, when mothers spent half the day in the kitchen preparing meals for the entire family. Dishes like Sauerbraten, Jügerschnitzel and Wiener Zwiebelrostbraten may sound alien to the passerby, but are truly stables of tradition in a world where we may have crossed a little too far into the lean and light fare of many trendy restaurants. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that when I go out to a restaurant, I want to eat real food.

Where I come from, there is a diner up the street and a McDonald’s a few blocks down, but those are not the places where the locals eat. I come from a town that, at one time, had more German restaurants than anything else. With time, much has changed, but what hasn't changed is that one of the best German restaurants in New York still exists, to this day, in my hometown of Glendale, Queens.

Don't believe me? The fact is that this establishment has a customer base that runs deeper than any I have ever seen.
People from outside the boroughs, and even outside of the state, come here to recapture the Zum Stammtisch experience again and again. Every night, the tables are filled with those who are in the know. They are eating the most succulent smoked pork loin (Two Kassler Rippchen) or indulging in a rich horseradish cream sauce over boiled beef that melts at the touch of a fork.

Stepping in the door is like transporting yourself to another time and certainly another place. The warm and inviting atmosphere incites a mix of cravings in people. For some, it's to pull a chair up at the bar, which is as close to what I'd imagine an old-world tavern could possibly be with all manner of imported German beers. To others, it's drinks and steaks while talking business, or trying to forget about it. And, of course, there are the traditional types who find loving memories of childhood while inhaling the sweet, sour and spicy aromas of a Sauerbraten.

Eating at Zum Stammtisch is more than just a meal, it's an experience. One that inspires people to come in large groups for an evening of food, drink and togetherness, or one that brings couples in for a romantic meal that warms their hearts. It's all there at Zum Stammtisch.

Zum Stammtisch
69-46 Myrtle Avenue, Glendale, NY
Cuisine: German

Meet Chef Eric Guido
After working in the New York City restaurant scene, Eric Guido branched out, organizing private dining and tasting events centered around Italian cuisine and wine. Here he began to incorporate food photography and recipe development.  His continuing work can be seen at www.theviptable.net. Eric’s passion for food and wine is fueled by the togetherness and satisfaction found at the table.

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