This article originally appeared at The Daily Meal
By Allison Beck, Editor at The Daily Meal

With warmer temperatures and longer days here, many are eager to host their first outdoor or rooftop cocktail party. Having turned our backs to the chill of winter and rich, heavy foods, look to lighter, flavorful appetizers like crab salad-topped blinis or grilled vegetable bruschetta when planning what to serve. Both are easily portable, can be made in advance, and are perfect served at room temperature.

We’ve put together a menu of some of our favorite warm-weather appetizers, along with a couple of cocktails with fresh flavors. Hosting friends on the rooftop of your apartment? Simple dips like guacamole and hummus are easy to transport (along with a couple of bags of chips). If you’re relaxing in the grassy backyard, opt for more elaborate one-bite snacks like blue corn blinis or chicken satay. In the event you need to refresh the tray, the kitchen is not too far away.