Pairing Caviar and Wine

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2009 Schug Rouge de Noire

Salmon Roe: Something is happening here, but ultimately the flavor of the caviar gets lost within the earthy, fruity flavors of the wine. Not a bad pairing but nothing is gained from this pairing.
America's Pride Golden Herring: This dries out the wine nicely with the smoky flavors of the caviar, balancing out the sweetness of the wine but the rest of the caviar flavors, and texture for that matter, simply get lost here.

American Bowfin: There’s a nice interplay here between the fruit of the wine and the caviar. These work fairly well together making for some interesting flavors. A success.
American Paddlefish: The caviar really makes a stand with this wine. The flavors of the caviar sort of coats the wine’s fruit, adding a fresh brininess to the sweetness and yielding a fascinating interplay of flavors. A winner.

American Hackleback: The subtlety of the caviar is lost in the wine, and though there is a lovely interplay of flavors here, there is nothing really gained by pairing these two.

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