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These wines are perfect for Spanish fare


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The Dishes of Spain

All of this is just one heck of a lead-in to an otherwise ordinary exercise pairing some of the great classics of the Spanish kitchen with wines; some expected, and some less so. Why all the effort then? Simply to remind us all that while there is a reason why some wine and food pairings work, that doesn’t mean we have to like them. And conversely, we may like wine and food pairings that we have no real reason to like, and yet we do.

It all comes down to respecting one’s palate and doing what feels right. I know a lot of people who laugh at this idea, the idea that it’s possible to be satisfied with anything less than the perfect wine and food pairing. Those people have my sympathies. They spend their lives unsatisfied without perfection, while I revel in what I have, enjoying each moment, each morsel, not lamenting what could have been, but rather celebrating what is.

And yes, sometimes I have had some awful wine and food match ups, so I make a note and move on. Today I’m writing about some of the great dishes of Spain, super food friendly and of course well-suited to the wines of Spain, but at the same time I offer you Spanish recommendations. I’m going to offer some other options that share some of the spirit of the Spanish wines, but are different. It’s the difference between Mounds and Almond Joy, and besides, there is no scientific basis for local wines working with local fare, and yet they do.

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