Peas Please

Tiny little globes of delicious spring!


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Peas Please Peas, they're not exactly what we thought they were. They were those little morsels of deliciousness; a just reward for work well done. Today they, those little balls of delight referred to as English peas, are being replaced. Our pea consumption is now greatly augmented by the peas for the lazy man. You know I'm talking about you Snow pea, and yes Sugar Snap, and don't get me started on Super Sugar Snaps!

Yes, in this day of instant gratification we just go ahead and eat the whole damn pea! What's up with that? What happened to the hours of shucking, the backer lined with a printed cloth napkin? Stealing peas as you went along? Getting bits of pea fiber wedged under your nails, then being finally finished, full of peas and with surprisingly little to show for your efforts?That's what makes peas something special. Well that and their deliciously sweet, earthy, and surprisingly perfumed flavor profile. I love peas, they are one of spring's great treats, and they make you work for your reward. Something that true foodies know makes food taste better. Why do you think Fava beans are so awesome? Because you have to peel each and every one of them! OK, so even I can deal with a little convenience now and again. Let's bring on the peas, and maybe some of those new fangled ones as well as we celebrate the arrival of spring!

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