Well, we’re getting into some winter weather, at least around these parts. While I don’t expect it to last too long, I, for one, relish these cold, crisp days, though I do look for ways to liven them up a bit. I’ll give you one guess how.

That’s right, food and wine, or wine and food, depending on whether you’re coming or going. Last Friday we were sitting around the office, tasting some Zinfandel, as we are wont to do on a Friday, when we came across a few wonderful wines.

As many of you probably already know, I love a good Zin, and one of the ones we were trying really rang my bell, so the next challenge, of course, was pairing it with a meal.

What to expect: Zinfandel

Zinfandel is considered America's own great indigenous grape, even though it's origins lie on the Adriatic coast. Planted throughout California, and in to the Pacific Northwest, Zinfandel is at it's best in warm regions with cooler temperatures during harvest. The wines can range from off-dry Roses (the ubiquitous White Zinfandel) to light bistro styled wines, big, rich powerful wines and even luscious dessert bottling. The flavors range from plummy to raspberry, though deep blackberry fruit and brambly spice tones are most common.