I love cookbooks with a twist, and as the book subtitle makes clear, Double Take has a great one: feeding vegetarians and omnivores together! What a great idea, basing a single meal around components that complement both a meat and an alternative protein.

Now, don’t think the omnivores suffer here, as the authors state, “This isn’t supposed to be a political manifesto.” And to further assuage your fears, just a few paragraphs later we find out that “grass-fed beef rocks the party!”

This thoughtful book works to bridge the gaps that separate vegetarians and omnivores while espousing a move to organic and humane farming. What’s not to like?

Meet the Authors

Jeremy Holt, a happily-married father of one, has worked as a cook or bartender in numerous restaurants. An avid home cook who for many years wrote the food-and-drink blog The Husky Boy, he is currently a pharmacist in Seattle. A.J. Rathbun is a freelance writer on food and entertaining and the author of Dark Spirits, Wine Cocktails, Luscious Liqueurs, Party Snacks!, Party Drinks!, and the IACP Award–winning Good Spirits. Rathbun lives in Seattle, Washington.

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