When Sfoglia came to Manhattan in March of 2006, after gaining fame with the origina l-- and still open -- location on Nantucket, the food faithful of the Upper East Side were all abuzz. The inventive, seasonal, and fresh food of Chefs Ron & Colleen Suhanosky was a breath of fresh air in an area long dominated by tried and true Italian restaurants. With their ever-changing menu, based on the freshest in season ingredients, the Suhanosky's have won a dedicated following that has turned this modest neighborhood spot into a destination, which is pretty darn hard for an Italian restaurant in Manhattan.

With their newfound fame came long waits for tables and all the difficulties that accompany popularity. While once it was easy to snag a table on a Saturday night, now it can be a challenge. With the Pasta Sfoglia cookbook you can create their classic, yet inventive, pasta dishes at home and duplicate (almost) a night out at one of their great restaurants. Of course, you'll have to do the dishes, not to mention clean the kitchen, but with such inspired recipes I'm sure it'll be worth the effort!

Ron & Colleen Suhanosky

Ron Suhanosky and Colleen Marnell-Suhanosky are graduates of the Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park. They opened their first Sfoglia restaurant in 1999 and Tutto Sfoglia in 2007 on Nantucket Island, and opened another Sfoglia restaurant in Manhattan in 2006. They live in New York City with their three children and spend the summertime and holidays on Nantucket.

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