We are spoiled in this country on so many levels. We search so hard for the next great thing that we frequently overlook the gems in our own backyards! 

Holly Herrick has taken a look in her own backyard and brought some of the greatest recipes from South Carolina to life in her Charleston Chef's Table Cookbook.

With great recipes that run the gamut from Lowcountry classics to inventive Italian, this is a great cookbook, but it’s more than that: its photos and stories reminds us that Charleston is a real gem of a city and an American architectural treasure.

Holly’s cookbook brings the local restaurant scene to life, but it also serves to remind us all that Charleston deserves more than a memory -- it deserves a visit to appreciate it in all its abundant beauty.

Meet Chef Holly Herrick

Relocating to Charleston in 2000, Holly Herrick began working as a staff writer and restaurant critic for the city’s only daily newspaper, The Post and Courier, for which she won the award for “Best Newspaper Series, Special Sections, and Special Projects” from the American Association of Food Journalists in 2006. Herrick also began freelancing in 2006 and has since written for numerous publications, including Low Country Living, Southern Living, Bon Appétit, Gourmet, and Graffiti, among others. Her first book, “Southern Farmers Market Cookbook,” was published in spring 2009.

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