• Light Nectarine Tarts

    Ah, the fruits of summer! There’s nothing more refreshing than having peach juice dripping down my chin or devouring a bowlful of lush, ripe cherries. As...

  • A Not-So-Ordinary Salmon Recipe

    Salmon is one of my favorite fishes to eat. Not only is it flavorful and hearty, it’s really good for you—lots of omega-3’s and all that. But the best...

  • A Multipurpose Roasted Red Pepper Salad

    There is no substitute for the real thing. This is especially true when it comes to food. How often have you tried to save time and gotten something...

  • 6 Great Asparagus Recipes

    Spring is asparagus season, though from the looks of my supermarket's shelves you could argue that asparagus is always in season, so let me rephrase. Spring...

  • How to Use Quinoa

    Ancient super-grain, complete amino acid package, and the only grain with an adorable tail. Over the last several years, quinoa’s quietly made its way from...

  • Top 5 Light Spring Sandwiches

    Spring—the season of revenge picnicking. That special time of year when we head out in defiance of lingering chill, armed only with coolers, checkered...

  • Erin Go Bread

    The Irish know how to celebrate, don’t they?  I suppose that’s why my best friend, Cathleen Tierney-Finn, and I get along so well.  I made this bread...

  • Weekend Fix: Fast Food for Daylight Savings

    In honor of lost time, and because we couldn’t find an hourglass to bronze in memoriam, we figured why not go for a Weekend Fix that gives you minimum time...

  • Snooth Irish Beer Cook Off

    It takes a lot of…something…to subject your cooking skills to the palates and opinions of co-workers. These are people you see on a regular basis, people...

  • Top 5 Scrambled Egg Upgrades

    When The Alice B. Toklas Cook Book was published in 1954, “Hashish Fudge” inevitably made more of a splash than decidedly simpler “Scrambled Eggs.”...

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