While everyone is scrambling for the foolproof wine for Thanksgiving, the truth is that it’s been in front of us all the time. Rioja is the perfect wine for Thanksgiving, not just because it’s got the right flavor profile, and is super food-friendly, but also because there are so many variations of Rioja that it really can be paired with just about any Turkey Day celebration -- from the simplest classic to all the regional favorites.

So, why Rioja? Well, the character of Tempranillo plays a big role in choosing Rioja to pair with your Thanksgiving Day feast. You see, Tempranillo has an ideal combination of juicy acidity; soft, velvety tannins; and rich fruit flavors that make it the perfect complement to any turkey.

Rioja's robust reds, crisp whites and refreshing rosés go well with a wide variety of dishes for holiday parties. And Vibrant Rioja is giving you the chance to see how food-friendly Rioja is. Simply enter the competition to win a dinner for two, matched with Rioja wines, to taste for yourself and toast the holiday season.

Check out our easy pairing guide to help point you in the direction of the right Rioja for your celebration!