I love seafood and now that the obligatory Memorial Day steak and burger grilling frenzy is over, I’m all about using these lighter proteins with freshly grown vegetables and herbs from my garden. No garden? No biggie. Head to any grocery store to grab these easy to find ingredients. 

For some reason, shrimp and other crustaceans don’t often come to mind when thinking about an everyday dinner ingredient. Nowadays, they’re just as inexpensive as meat or chicken. You can pick them up anywhere in large, frozen bags to keep for those “emergency” days when you don’t have enough time to shop. While we all prefer fresh ingredients, I honestly can’t tell the difference once they’ve taken on the flavors of whatever sauce they’re cooked in. Here, I use fresh shrimp and packaged langoustine tails from Trader Joe’s. They come already cooked, so I just put them in at the end, so as not to overcook them. Don’t like them? Just double the shrimp or substitute scallops.