Spooky Halloween Treats

10 classic recipes for your inner ghoul


The leaves are turning, the air is crisp, and ghosts and ghouls are springing up all around the neighborhood. The chill of Halloween is so close, you can almost feel the goosebumps raising on your arms already.

It is just about that time to start serving up some eerie Ogre-Eye Cookies and Scary Spider snacks.

Halloween is a great holiday for cooking up themed treats. The bright orange and black colors and fun, creepy characters offer the perfect foundation for tons of creative recipe ideas. Whether you are cooking for little ones, throwing a Halloween party, or just looking for a fun weekend activity, there's nothing more exciting then whipping up some spooky snacks.
With everything from Jack O'Lantern Quesadillas to Bloody Cranberry Punch, we've got your Halloween needs covered. Fill up the table with some of these mysterious dishes and you'll be sure to give your fellow witches and warlocks a real Halloween spook. Who said tricks and treats had to be mutually exclusive?

Here are our top 10 What's Cookin' Halloween recipes to help get your creepy creative juices flowing:

Halloween Coffin Dip - creamy artichoke dip buried in a bread coffin

Black and Orange Halloween Pasta - squid ink linguini served with tender butternut squash and olives

Bloody-Good Cranberry Punch - spooky cranberry juice cocktail with an orange twist

Witches' Hats - a simple Hershey's kiss placed upon a cookie makes this adorable treat

Cheddar Witch's Fingers - cheese twists never tasted better MUAHAHA

Scary Spiders - chocolate covered snack cakes are dressed up to look like creepy crawling critters

Ghostly Pizza - mozzerella cheese ghosts make for a prankster of a pizza

Jack O'Lantern Quesadillas -  cut a scary face into your tortilla for an evil quesadilla that all will love

Monster Eyes - cheddar and sausage biscuits that stare back!

Ogre-Eye Cookies - boo! your cookie is looking at you

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