Sugar Substitutions


Sugar has become something of the kitchen bad boy over the past few years and that has led to a proliferation of alternatives. Some alternatives can be substituted on a one to one ratio with plain old sugar but other are sweeter or less sweet and call for certain adjustment to your recipe. Keep in mind that some of these sugar substitutes are liquids, which may mean you’ll need to adjust any liquids in the recipe while some others may require a slight addition of liquid to achieve the intended results.

For every 1/2 cup of white sugar called for in a recipe you may substitue any of the following.

Agave Nectar                3/8 cup
Barley Malt                   1.5 cups
Brown Sugar                 1/2 cup
Corn Syrup                   1/2 cup
Date Sugar                   1 cup
Fruit juice concentrate   1/2 cup
Honey                          1/3 cup
Maltose                        1.25 cups
Maple Syrup                 1/2 cup
Molasses                      1/3 cup
Rice Syrup                   1.25 cups
Sorghum Syrup            1/3 cup
Splenda                       1/2 cup
Pure Stevia Powder       1 tbsp
Pure Stevia liquid          1/2 tsp
Sucanat                       1/2 cup

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