Okay, okay- I can hear you all moaning as you read the title, but hear me out! Popovers aren’t just for wintertime. These nifty little meal accompaniments can be light and satisfying, without weighing you down. It was a warm summer on the West Coast. Not as oppressively hot as back East, but hot still the same, and who likes to eat heavy food when it gets hot? I sure don’t. Too much pasta, heavy beef dishes and sauces are too hard to digest and make it hard to sleep at night. Even when there’s air conditioning. But sometimes, even I feel the need for some carbs.

I have a great little urban garden on my balcony and am always looking for ways to use up my extra oregano, rosemary, dill and thyme. I brought my extra oregano over to my friend Donna’s house last week. She has an amazing outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven. She and her hubby host pizza-making parties all the time.